I know there is so much controversy between chiropractic and medical care, but if it were not for chiropractic I would still be in pain. A car accident left me with constant lower back pain. I tried everything from painkillers to preparing to have surgery. I heard stories from my friends who had surgery and to this day wish they never had it. So I decided to go to a chiropractor before the surgery and I am so thankful that I did. My back pains are gone and I am living my life to the fullest and pain free.

Jeffrey Harris
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***Due to severe Lower Lumbar Back pain, I visited a well respected Spine Surgeon. I was, not advised, but, TOLD to NOT have any Physical Therapy, Do NOT do any exercises & Do NOT visit any Chiropractor. I was to be scheduled immediately for MAJOR Surgery to eliminate disc & tissue, then to fuse 4 or 5 of my vertebrae. During this time I would not be able to drive & would require, most likely, in home nursing assistance & care, for as along as a year or more.Out of fear, of the spine doctors "threats" I consulted several people who have had varying degrees of the same surgery. I decided to ask for Physical Therapy & was granted by my Rheumatologist. In only a few weeks the PT decided he could no longer help me. I consulted my Rheumatologist again, asking his "take" on me going to a Chiropractor. He would only agree if I could find a chiropractor who was Neurologically Board Certified.With all the above info I started searching & found Dr Schwartz. Dr Joe introduced me to the" PRO ADJUSTER" system. In a relatively short period of time I was feeling considerable relief. Over a longer amount of time I no longer use my "TENS" Unit to relieve night time pain. I can now do light chores around the home & can sleep much more comfortably. - Bill

***On May 17, 2007 I started to see Dr. Schwartz for Chiropractic care. I was involved in a serious accident and I hurt my neck and lower back. I was taking approximately 10-15 different medications including narcotics. Dr. Schwartz started me on the Pro-Adjuster. By June 29, 2007 I was totally off all medications except for natural supplements I get at Dr. Schwartz’s office. I was ready to go back to work. I felt great. I have no pain. I move so much better now. I thank Dr. Schwartz, Dr Sharbaugh, and all the staff for their kindness, concern, and help at my time in need. I would refer anyone I know to go there for their great care, compassion, and the Pro-Adjuster.   Elizabeth P.

***I am a 23 year old asthmatic. I started chiropractic treatment with the Pro-Adjuster at Indiana Chiropractic on June 26, 2006. I started taking one nutritional supplement recommended by Dr. Schwartz in addition to chiropractic care for three weeks and haven’t had an asthma attack since. Thanks to Dr. Schwartz and his staff at Indiana Chiropractic Center.   Jamie H.

***I recently injured my back bending over to pick up my daughter. I instantly knew that I had hurt my lower back. I went to the emergency room where they prescribed pain medication and muscle relaxers. I also saw my primary care physician and he prescribed heat, pain medication, and double the dose of muscle relaxers. Nothing worked to take away the pain. It only masked the pain temporarily. I had very little mobility, which made it difficult to care for and enjoy time with my daughter. Work was virtually impossible because I work with individuals who need lifted and / or supported physically. I doctored for two additional weeks and finally my boyfriend referred me to Indiana Chiropractic. After a thorough evaluation by Dr. Schwartz he determined that I would be a good candidate for the Pro-Adjuster. After the first treatment I noticed significant pain reduction, within one week the pain vanished from my lower back. Then I thought I was having chest pains / anxiety attacks. Upon Dr. Schwartz using the Pro-Adjuster it was able to show him that I had a major misalignment. After one adjustment with the Pro-Adjuster, the pain was gone. I hope this helps others that they can benefit from the Pro-Adjuster and Chiropractic care as I do. I also want to add that Dr. Schwartz and his staff have been warm and friendly and have made the entire recovery process a good experience.   Vonnie C.


***In November 2009 I fell onto my back in the middle of our horrendous snow fall. At first I thought I had bruising on my tail bone, but after a few weeks I realized how serious my injury was. My first visit to the doctors resulted in multiple prescriptions for pain relievers, sleep aids and muscle relaxers. They were only masking my issues and they were not a permanent solution. When the medicine started to effect my everyday function of working and sleep was still not successful I knew I needed a different treatment.
In January I began physical therapy 3 times a week. I was hopeful in this would be my solution. After a few weeks of that my Physical Therapist suggested I get a temporary cane and a permanent shoe lift, and of course order orthopedic shoes; at 23 years old I was mortified!
By the time May came around I was physically and mentally exhausted, out of ideas and felt very hopeless. I truly believed that I would walk with a hunch and suffer severe pain for the rest of my life. No one seemed to know what was wrong with me or how to stop the pain.
My mother persuaded me to try chiropractors and although I felt this problem was beyond what I thought would be a simple back adjustment, I was out of ideas and went along with it. I started seeing Dr. Sharbaugh 3 times a week. We discussed exercises, diet and progress. The staff at Indiana Chiropractic has been very patient and helpful, not once did I feel I had a rushed, impersonal visit. Within 2 weeks I was sleeping 5 solid hours; it was the first glimmer of hope in 6 months. It’s now been 9 months since my fall and I still continue to see Dr. Sharbaugh once a week. My progress has only gotten better. Although I’m cautious, I’m happy to say I’m physically active again and life as a normal 24 year old is back on track. The cane, the drugs and shoe lift are long gone!
Chiropractors find a solution to fix the problem; they do not hide the issues behind little orange bottles of pills. Every morning when I put on my shoes without wrenching in pain I think about how grateful I am for Dr. Sharbaugh and staff for their pursuit in my cure. Chiropractors are miracle workers.  Chrissy M.


*** When I made my first appointment with Dr. Schwartz, I was at my wits' end. My health was a mess and deteriorating daily. I had been to see doctor after doctor, and each one wanted to add another medication or two. One day, feeling that I couldn't take another step, I contacted Dr. Schwartz. He must have understood my desperation, because he told me to stop in the office that evening! I was so pleasantly surprised. He took the time to ask questions to really understand the root of my health problems, not just to treat symptoms. He then set up a course of treatment designed specifically for me in which I was an active participant, not a passive pill-taker. Fast forward almost a year, and I am off every prescription medication and am more healthy and fit than I've been at any other time in my life. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Schwartz to all of my friends and family. His brand of chiropractic neurology and holistic health care saved my life!

    Jill Earman


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